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Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) spends about $42,000,000 annually on its electric, oil, gas and water utilities. The Office of Facilities Management is tasked to keep this bill as low as possible through development and implementation of conservation programs. FCPS has had an active and aggressive energy management program since 1978, and is a leader among school systems in Virginia and nationwide in minimizing the use and cost of energy.

Historically managing energy has been about providing comfort and lighting in our classrooms and offices while containing costs. The need to control greenhouse gas emissions and other air pollutants resulting from energy use has become increasingly important as our understanding of climate change and its potential ramifications has advanced. On November 7, 2008, the FCPS School Board adopted Policy 8542 - Environmental Stewardship.

Energy conservation remains the best proven and immediate way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing energy consumption lowers our carbon footprint and reduces operating costs as well, freeing up money that can be better spent educating our children rather than purchasing electricity and gas. For this reason, the FCPS Energy Management Section focuses on energy conservation.

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