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The Fairfax County Public Schools Transparency Application is an interactive reporting tool that allows the public to view budget and expenditure data and specific vendor payments for the current fiscal year-to-date. The financial data for the current fiscal year is updated on a monthly basis by the end of the following month from FCPS’ financial system.

The Budget and Actual expenditure data is grouped by fund and category. Users can choose to view data by fund, or, in the case of the School Operating Fund, view the information by department or school.

Users can perform searches for specific vendors, or more general searches based on key terms or portions of a vendor name if the exact vendor name is unknown. The search requires at least two characters to be used and no wildcards (*,?, “). Vendors will not be displayed unless FCPS has activity with the vendor in the selected fiscal month and year.

This tool is a part of a larger Fairfax County Public Schools’ initiative to enhance the degree and ease of delivering transparency and accountability to its residents. However, certain federal, state, and local laws do have certain restrictions on the types of vendors, transactions, and level of transactional details that can be shown. Certain sensitive vendors and payments, like those that fall under the auspices of HIPAA regulations, cannot be shown as part of the transparency initiative.

The financial data available on this site is unaudited and therefore has not been audited by FCPS’ external auditors. FCPS’ audited Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) for each fiscal year can be found on the Transparency website.



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