Purpose and Goals

Transparency promotes accountability and provides information for residents about the activities of Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS). Transparency enhances FCPS’ effectiveness and improves the quality of its decisions. Our goal is to provide comprehensive financial and accountability information that is easy to locate, access, and understand. 

Financial and Planning Information

Accountability and Schools

Transparency Application
Budgeted and actual expenditures as well as payments by vendor.

Budget Documents
Budget documents including the Approved Budget, the Program Budget, the Detailed Budget, and the Proposed Budget.

Quarterly Budget Reviews
Review of current year budget including budget adjustments during the course of the fiscal year.

Washington Area Boards of Education (WABE) Guide
Comprehensive guide providing comparative data for local school districts.

Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
Comprehensive review of FCPS facility needs including student projections and capacity analysis.

Financial Reports
Audited financial reports, single audit report and annual report of expenditures to the Virginia Department of Education.

Internal Audit
Reports issued by the School Board’s Audit Office.

Salary Scales
Teacher and all other salary scales.

Waste, Fraud, or Abuse
Information on how to report waste, fraud, or abuse.

School Profiles
Detailed information for each school including membership, demographics, staffing, and testing.

Elementary Class Size Averages
Average class sizes by grade level grouping for each elementary school.

Program Profiles
Snapshot of relevant facts and focus area for each FCPS program.

Program Effectiveness
Evaluations of FCPS programs by the Office of Program Evaluation.

Research Briefs
Briefs on topics including dropouts, embracing change, and teacher leadership.

Technical Reports
Annual monitoring reports by the Office of Program Evaluation.

School Board Meeting Documents and Minutes
Agendas, documents, votes and, meeting recordings and minutes.

Policies, Notices, and Regulations
FCPS policies.

Freedom of Information Act
The Virginia Freedom of Information Act provides that, with some specific exemptions and exceptions, all meetings of public bodies shall be open to the public and all public records open for public inspection.

Inquiries and Complaints
Information on the formal and informal processes for making inquiries and filing complaints including offices available for assistance.



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