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Menu Changes Due to School Closings

School closings cause Food and Nutrition Services to change menus from the advertised menu. Parents cannot be notified of the changes in advance because of the uncertainties of the number of days of school closures, equipment failures, and product deliveries. Elementary school managers ask the school offices to notify the students of the day's menu in the morning announcements. Regrettably this may result in student favorites not being available.

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Food and Nutrition Services (FNS) employs over 1300 professionals that include managers, team members, drivers, warehouse workers, and supervisors. School meals are planned by registered dietitians to reflect the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans,, and student preferences as determined at student taste parties. Low cost, nutritious school meals are served to more than 140,000 customers every day and breakfast is offered in 164 schools and centers.

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NEW Hamburger Pattie

A new hamburger pattie will be served in March 2014. The Student Advisory Council evaluated four samples and selected the new hamburger pattie based on flavor, texture, and moistness.

Frozen Whole Fruit Juice Cup

We will temporarily be out of the Frozen Whole Fruit Juice Cup. Fresh or canned fruit in natural or light syrup will be offered in place of this item.

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For more information, contact the Office of Food and Nutrition Services at 703-813-4800. Complete information on the nutrient content Acrobat Reader of school lunches is available.

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