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Registered dietitians and chefs plan menus to reflect current science based nutrition standards based on the Institute of Medicine and the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Via classroom guidance, school morning announcements, monthly menus, and service area posters; students are given information to complement the nutrition curriculum. These activities assist students in making healthy food choices from the variety of daily meal options.

A new hamburger pattie is now being served on the menu. This change was based on the poor acceptance of the 100 percent beef precooked patties. Prior to being added to the menu, each item is fully vetted by the professional staff in FNS and goes through our student acceptability process. Don Lee Farms was selected as the most responsive bidder in the procurement process for this item. FNS will continue to search the market and work with manufacturers and students to find an acceptable 100 percent beef precooked pattie.

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