Quarterly Budget Reviews

Throughout the fiscal year, the current year's budget is continually monitored and reviewed.  Three times each year, the School Board is presented with formal reviews of the current  year's budget. The primary purpose of the budget reviews is to provide the School Board with a status report on all funds under their control.  As a result of these reviews, critical needs of the school system can be funded by reallocating resources. These budget reviews consist of a detailed School Board agenda item.  

FY 2016 Third Quarter Review

FY 2016 Midyear Review

FY 2015 Year-End Review

FY 2015 Third Quarter Review

FY 2015 Midyear Review

FY 2014 Year-End Review

FY 2014 Third Quarter Review

FY 2014 Midyear Review

FY 2013 Year-End Review

FY 2013 Third Quarter Review

FY 2013 Midyear Review

FY 2012 Year-End Review

FY 2012 Third Quarter Review

FY 2012 Midyear Review

FY 2011 Year-End Review

FY 2011 Third Quarter Review

FY 2011 Midyear Review

FY 2010 Year-End Review

FY 2010 Third Quarter Review

FY 2010 Midyear Review

FY 2009 Year-End Review

FY 2009 Third Quarter Budget Review

FY 2009 Midyear Review

FY 2008 Year-End Review

FY 2008 Third Quarter Budget Review

FY 2008 Midyear Review

FY 2007 Year-End Review

FY 2007 Third Quarter Review

FY 2007 Midyear Review

FY 2006 Year-End Review

FY 2006 Third Quarter Review

FY 2006 Midyear Review

FY 2005 Year-End Review

FY 2005 Third Quarter Review

FY 2005 Midyear Review

(Note: Links above to School Board meeting agendas and details will take you outside the FCPS network. to BoardDocs. To return to FCPS, select "Home" from the VSBA BoardDocs site.)For assistance, call the Office of Budget Services at 571-423-3600 or e-mail us your questions or comments.

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