Guest Authors

December 14, 2006 · Grades 3-5

Newbery Honor Book winner Jennifer Holm's story ideas are generated by childhood memories and family history. A diary kept by her great aunt inspired her first novel, Our Only May Amelia. Comic books were another source of inspiration. The only girl in a family of five, Holm recalls fighting with her brothers over who got to read the Sunday comic section first. Teaming up with graphic artist and brother Matt Holm, Jennifer has created a delightful graphic novel series called, BabyMouse.

During the program, Holm talks about her award winning novel, Our Only May Amelia, and the types of research she used to write her other historical fiction novels, Penny from Heaven and Boston Jane. In a taped segment, Holm and her brother discuss BabyMouse. She also answers questions from students.

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Jennifer Holm and her brother Matt discuss how BabyMouse started.