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With the generous support of the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, Mount Vernon and the Fairfax Network have partnered to provide schools with engaging and FREE distance learning broadcasts.

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George Washington’s
Mount Vernon Estate,
Museum & Gardens

When George Washington lived here, Mount Vernon was an 8,000-acre plantation divided into five farms. Each farm was a complete unit, with its own overseers, work force of slaves, livestock, equipment, and buildings. Take a virtual tour of the Estate.

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George Washington’s Mount Vernon Estate, Museum & Gardens

The following programs are available in our free VOD Library.

The Constitution and Executive Power
Students and educators joined host Julie Silverbrook, executive director of The Constitutional Sources Project, and historians Joseph Ellis and Carol Berkin for an exploration of executive powers. Video on Demand

Creating george WASHINGTON
Students get a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of george WASHINGTON, an orchestral work by Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Roger Reynolds. Video on Demand

Founding Mothers: Remember the Ladies
Cokie Roberts hosts this fascinating discussion of the struggles to establish a nation as seen through the eyes of our nation's first First Ladies: Martha Washington, Abigail Adams, and Dolley Madison. Video on Demand

Fractured Union
Historical interpreters — portraying Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Mason — offer high school students a close look at the statesmen engaged in heated discussions. Registration is not required. Video on Demand

Hear My Story: The Enslaved Community at Mount Vernon
Historical interpreters take us back to 1792 and discuss what the new constitution will mean to them. Video on Demand

I Ain't No Three Fifths of a Person
Students hear the views of Billy Lee, General Washington’s manservant; Caroline Branham and Oney Judge, who worked under Mrs. Washington; Christopher Sheels, General Washington’s manservant after Billy Lee; and Bob Hemmings, manservant to Thomas Jefferson. Video on Demand

Inaugural Visions: Presidents Washington to Obama
Recorded at Mount Vernon's Ammerman Student Leadership Program, our panel of guests look at the presidential inaugurations from George Washington to Barack Obama and lead students in discussions on how Americans choose leaders. Video on Demand

Shaping the Presidency
Our panel of guests look back at how Washington had a profound impact on defining the office of the president and discuss how campaigning, the election process, and the role of the media affected early presidential candidacies, and how those influences have evolved. Video on Demand