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Best Practices for Teach and Learning Teacher & Students

Best Practices for Teaching and Learning integrates the wealth of institutional knowledge with current educational research. This resource offers research-based strategies for helping students learn in all grade levels and content areas. Through collaboration and contributions from educators across the county, this resource will become an essential tool to help students reach their full academic potential.

Three Essential Areas of Best Practices for Teaching and Learning:

Create a Student Centered Learning Environment
  • Examine how physical set-up and teacher role affects student expectations
  • Build relationships that promote a safe and positive environment in which students are responsible, self-motivated, and self-evaluating
Plan and Teach for Student Learning
  • Plan assignments and assessments in alignment with Standards of Learning
  • Purposefully plan to adjust teaching practices to meet the needs of individual students
  • Employ teaching strategies, techniques, and resources that meet the needs of all students
  • Be responsive to the variety of ways students demonstrate thinking and learning
Assess Student Learning
  • Adapt teaching, based on evidence, to meet the needs of the student
  • Check student progress in meeting standards and learning goals
  • Actively involve students in assessment to promote continuous learning; and inform students, parents, and others about student achievement