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What educators are saying ....

•  Thank you so much for all the wonderful resources that you provide for students!!! — Teacher, FL

•  Best programming we receive.  Right up there with NASA and other major distributors. — Instructional Technologist, NC

•  I love using your productions in my class.  The students respond so well, and lively discussions ensue. — Teacher, CA

•  This is just awesome!  What amazing opportunities you are offering to so, so many students who would otherwise not have access to
   these terrific authors.  Kudos to you!!
— Librarian, MD

Science How? Human Evolution: Early Human Diets with Briana Pobiner
February 5, 2015 • Audience: Students in Grades 6-8

Anthropologist Briana Pobiner explores the influence of diet, especially the shift to meat eating, on human evolution. 

Family Involvement Equals School Success
February 10, 2015 • Audience: Parents & Educators

Educators and parents in Fairfax County Public Schools share their perspectives on one of the most important ways to ensure student success.

Science How? Forensic Anthropology: Bone Whispering with Kari Bruwelheide
March 3, 2015 • Audience: Students in Grades 6-8

Anthropologist Briana Pobiner explores the influence of diet, especially the shift to meat eating, on human evolution. 

Community Keynotes: Substance Abuse
March 11, 2015 • Audience: Educators & Parents

During this a community discussion on substance abuse, participants share their personal stories about substance abuse, the signs and symptoms of teenage drug abuse, proactive actions parents can take, and where to locate supportive resources.

Innovation Workshop: Harnessing the Sun
March 19, 2015 • Audience: Students in Grades 5-8

The next program in the Innovation Workshop series, Harnessing the Sun, highlights the science and engineering of solar energy. Students will learn the power of solar energy and its impact from scientists, planetary educators, and content experts. Produced in partnership with the Smithsonian National Air
and Space Museum

Meet the Author: Kwame Alexander
March 26, 2015 • Audience: Students in Grades 6-10

Kwame Alexander wants kids to write their own books and he has helped students reach this goal by
creating a one day workshop called Book-in-a-Day (BID). When he’s not teaching, he’s writing such marvels as Crossover and Acoustic Rooster and his Barnyard Band .

Science How? Arthropod Adaptations: Inside the Insect Zoo with Dan Babbitt
April 9, 2015 • Audience: Students in Grades 6-8

Dan Babbitt, manager of the O. Orkin Insect Zoo and Butterfly Pavilion at the National Museum of Natural History, explores the survival secrets of insects and other arthropods.

Community Keynotes: Assistive Technology
April 14, 2015 • Audience: Educators & Parents

Keynote speakers are FCPS student ambassadors from the Assistive Technology program and their parents. The role of the student ambassadors is to help promote an understanding of how technologies can help students overcome disabilities and improve their learning experience.

Community Keynotes: Safeguarding Mental Wellness
May 5, 2015 • Audience: Educators & Parents

Dr. Scott Poland, professor at the Center for Psychological Studies at Nova Southeastern University and Richard Lieberman of the Los Angeles County Suicide Prevention Network present techniques for how to promote mental wellness.

Science How? Forensic Ornithology: Bird Detective with Carla Dove
May 7, 2015 • Audience: Students in Grades 6-8

Ornithologist Carla Dove shares how the Feather Identification Lab helps make us safer on planes.


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