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•  Thank you so much for all the wonderful resources that you provide for students!!! — Teacher, FL

•  Best programming we receive.  Right up there with NASA and other major distributors. — Instructional Technologist, NC

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•  This is just awesome!  What amazing opportunities you are offering to so, so many students who would otherwise not have access to
   these terrific authors.  Kudos to you!!
— Librarian, MD

Community Keynotes: Managing Stress: How Mindfulness Training in Our Schools Can Benefit Students, Educators, and Parents
November 6, 2014 • Audience: Educators & Parents

Congressman Tim Ryan (Ohio) and Tara Brach, Ph.D., discuss how practicing mindfulness can help improve a student’s ability to respond to events and circumstances with clarity and balance.

Science How? Volcano Geochemistry: Windows to Earth's Interior with Elizabeth Cottrell
November 13, 2014 • Audience: Students in Grades 6-8

Geologist Elizabeth Cottrell explains how volcanoes form, how they work, and what comes out of them. 

Meet the Author: Carla Killough McClafferty
November 18, 2014 • Audience: Students in Grades 7-12

Author McClafferty’s book Fourth Down and Inches: Concussions and Football’s Make-or-Break Moment is a must-read for young athletes, coaches, and parents.

Science How? Exploring the Unexplored: Deep Reef Biodiversity with Carole Baldwin
December 2, 2014 • Audience: Students in Grades 6-8

Meet marine biologist Carole Baldwin and learn how she studies fish diversity on coral reefs.

Science How? Measuring Biodiversity: Life in One Cubic Foot with Chris Meyer
December 9, 2014 • Audience: Students in Grades 6-8

Dive into the diverse world of coral reefs with marine biologist Chris Meyer.

Community Keynotes, Meet the Author, and Science How? continues in 2015!

• Community Keynotes: 21st Century Teaching and Learning
• Meet the Author: Peter Baker

Science How? Paleobotany: Climate Change Past and Present with Scott Wing is available at Smithsonian Science How webcast archives.



The Fairfax Network works with curriculum specialists and partner organizations year-round in a continuing search for new topics to support teachers and students. We will post information about future programs as soon as it is available.

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