Crisis Response

Effective crisis response is a team effort. In Fairfax County Public Schools, three offices play lead roles in shaping the organization's response to critical incidents. In any such event, these offices work with each other, with the leaders at the site, and with public safety officials to provide immediate and coordinated action.

Crisis management

Leading the immediate and long-term response to the incident itself is the Department of Facilities and Transportation Services' Office of Safety and Security (OSS). Sound planning and preparation is key.

Crisis communications

Ensuring that students, staff members, parents, the media, and the community have accurate and timely information during a crisis is the responsibility of the Office of Communication and Community Relations.

Crisis Intervention Services

Providing support and care for students and staff members affected by a crisis. Services are provided by crisis response teams staffed by school psychologists, school social workers and school counselors. For more information contact Cindy Dickinson, Program Manager, Crisis Intervention and Dropout Prevention,


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