Services for Students Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired


Fairfax County Public Schools, the 12th largest school district in the nation, is located in Fairfax County, which covers over 400 square miles in Northern Virginia. Enrollment for the current school year exceeds 165,000 students. There are 150 countries and 100 different languages represented by the student body. Of these 165,000 students, the county provides special education services to over 23,000 students.

This website includes essential information about Fairfax County Public Schools services, programs, and outside resources that are available to meet the needs of over 240 students who are blind/vision impaired in Fairfax County. Special education services for students who are blind/vision impaired begin at age 2 and continue through secondary school or through age 21.

Parents are an important part of the IEP team, which determines the child’s educational needs that are impacted by a vision impairment. The student’s educational needs are assessed on a regular basis and at the student’s annual IEP. Parents are encouraged to be an active participant in that process. Teachers and professionals working with blind/vision impaired students are committed to providing ongoing education for parents to assist them in their crucial role as the primary educator for their child.

A continuum of services is available for all students. Educational services range from itinerant services delivered in neighborhood schools to a resource room for a more intensive level of service offered at Robinson Secondary High School.

Students who are able to participate in general education classrooms receive support from an itinerant teacher of the blind/vision impaired in their neighborhood schools. Itinerant teachers also provide services for students who are blind/vision impaired in other special education programs countywide.

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