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Earl L. Pulley Career Center

What is the Earl L. Pulley Career Center?
The Earl L. Pulley Center is one of two Fairfax County Public Schools centers that provides career and employment skills instruction to students with disabilities.

Students may enroll from 2 hours per day to a full day. Schedules are flexible to accommodate students' curricular needs. All students are also encouraged to take part in the formal graduation activities at their base schools.

Who enrolls at Pulley Career Center?
Students who are 16-21 years of age enroll at Pulley Center. Students are transported from any of the fifteen high schools and secondary special education centers in southern Fairfax County. Students in FCPS- contracted private placements are served at Pulley Center.

Students have opportunities to tour, visit, and try out specific instructional components before enrolling at the Center. Students maintain involvement in extracurricular activities at their base schools while they attend the Center. Students' IEPs are revised prior to their participation in Center courses.

What can students learn at Pulley Center
Students receive instruction in career education based on business-based competencies. Career skills and work behaviors are taught and practiced in a variety of community settings and businesses. While working in businesses in the community, the students gain valuable life experiences by working with adults in inclusive environments.

Instruction in character education, social skills and independent living are infused throughout the instruction. Additionally, students build functional literacy skills, participate in community activities such as banking and travel training, and take a major role in designing career development plans.

What supports are available at Pulley Center?
In addition, students who attend for two or more hours per day receive instruction in Independent Living. This includes understanding and applying vocabulary and math concepts as they pertain to the students' instructional program as well as banking, community travel, budgeting, developing a resume, interviewing strategies, and other opportunities for students to become independent at work and in the community.

An Employment and Transition Representative (ETR) assists students with their job search and employment.

Students who currently receive additional support in speech, hearing, vision, physical and/or occupational therapy, you will continue to receive that support at Pulley Center.
In addition, Peer Relations classes and a mediation program are available to assist students in developing positive skills to meet conflicts.

Who to contact for more information?
A tour/visit can be arranged. Informational packets are available upon request.

If you would like more information, please contact:
Earl L. Pulley Career Center
6500 Quander Road
Alexandria, VA 22307
(703) 718-2700


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