Student Safety and Wellness

Tobacco Intervention Program

Students who have violated the tobacco regulation in the current version of Student Rights and Responsibilities (SR&R), Regulation 2601 and those students who volunteer are eligible to participate in the FCPS tobacco and smoking intervention program to be conducted by the Student Safety and Wellness Office. This seminar is a one-time suspension intervention program. It includes the medical, physical, social, and psychological consequences to using or possessing tobacco products. Our focus is on education. Fairfax County Public Schools in partnership with INOVA HealthSource, work with the students to bring them the most accurate, up-to-date information on tobacco. The students can then make an informed decision on the use of tobacco products. It's important to remember that we can't make the students quit smoking; they need to make that decision on their own.

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Alcohol and Other Drug Intervention Seminar (AOD)

Students who have violated the Alcohol or Other Drug regulations in the SR&R and those students who volunteer are eligible to attend our 5-day seminar. This seminar is a one-time suspension intervention program. This seminar is designed to provide information on the medical, physical, social, and psychological consequences of drug use the addiction process so that students may assess their own level of involvement with alcohol and other drugs. Fairfax County Public Schools in partnership with Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board (Wellness and Health Promotion), work with the students to bring them the most accurate, up-to-date information on alcohol and drugs. Download brochure
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Parent Night

As part of the Suspension Intervention procedure, the parents of the students who attend seminar are required to attend a parent information meeting. This program is designed to help the parents understand the concept of addictive disease. They become familiar with the signs, symptoms, and characteristic behaviors exhibited in the different stages of addiction and they are shown some of the most popular drug paraphernalia. They become familiar with the latest trends in drug use and some of the ways students are obtaining drugs. Resources for seeking help are available.

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Alcohol Breath-Testing Device

SSAW provides training for middle and high school administrators to ensure proper use of alcohol breath-testing devices. Additionally, the Office of Student Safety and Wellness (SSAW) ensures that the devices are properly calibrated and necessary accessory equipment is provided.

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Staff Training Program

Middle and high school principals are contacted to schedule training for their teachers and administrators. The presentation concerns the substances being utilized by youth and includes a display of the various substances and paraphernalia. Information is provided as to how staff can address alcohol and drug issues with youth and provide resources that can assist at-risk students.

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SSAW collaborates with Family Life Education (FLE) and Health Education to provide students from kindergarten through grade twelve a current Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Prevention curriculum that meets the National Institute of Drug Abuse Guidelines for Prevention Programs and the Department of Education's Principles of Effectiveness. This collaboration leads to well-researched and written units that are exciting and visually appealing for teachers and students alike. All units emphasize the brain science of addiction and skill based, interactive activities. Specific SSAW responsibilities include: research on prevention education and drug trends, teacher evaluation, updated teacher fact sheets, and in-service education; Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs video preview and recommendations; leadership of the curriculum writing team process; and editing of lessons prior to their final approval by FLE and Health Education.

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