Resiliency Presentation

Resiliency In Action: How Families, Schools,  & Communities Create “Bounce Back” Kids

Presented by Nan Henderson, M.S.W.

Robinson Secondary School
January 29, 2013
7:00-8:30 PM

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You will learn about...
The research foundation of resiliency*…
          Where has it comes from?
          How does resiliency happen?
          Can all kids be more resilient?

Why is building resilient “Bounce Back Kids” so crucial today?

Applying the research to the children you care about.

The “Four Most Important Steps  to Fostering Resiliency”

The amazing connection between resiliency and ACADEMIC SUCCESS

The power of ONE person to change the course of a young person’s life

*Resiliency is the ability to overcome, and transcend adversity—including   trauma, crises, and/or all types of stress…
or, in the words of one high school student, resiliency is “bouncing back from problems and stuff with more power and more smarts.”




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