Out-of-School Support

The purpose of Out-of-School Support Services is to provide continuity of educational services between the classroom and home, health care facility, or other situation, for students who, because of illness or disciplinary action, are unable to attend school.

  • Homebound instruction is academic instruction provided to students who are confined at home or in a health care facility for periods that would prevent normal school attendance. Referrals, which include medical documentation, may be made for students who miss a minimum of 20 consecutive school days due to a medical condition. Students who lack the stamina to attend all core classes may receive homebound instruction on a part-time basis. There are also circumstances in which students may qualify for intermittent homebound services if they are able only to attend school intermittently due to medical treatments or relapses. When a student who receives special education services is approved for homebound services, the Individualized Education Program (IEP) team convenes to delineate the services required to meet the student’s education needs and amends the IEP accordingly. This instructional program is mandated by the Code of Virginia.

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  •  Home-based instruction refers to instructional services for special education students who have been removed from a school setting by the division for disciplinary or other reasons. These students are referred to the program through the IEP process, and the services provided are consistent with those for homebound students. The Hearings Office may also refer students to this program if, during the disciplinary process, they are referred to a Local Screening Committee to determine possible eligibility for special education services.
  •  Out-of-School academic support services are available for Fairfax County Public Schools students who are unable to attend school because of an out of school suspension and referral to the Division Superintendent in accordance with the FCPS Student Rights and Responsibilities.  These services are designed as temporary supports for students until the discipline process is resolved and the student is returned to a school setting. The goal of the program is to keep the student as engaged as possible with classroom instruction in order to minimize academic loss.

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