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The Office of Intervention and Prevention Services is responsible for Nontraditional School Programs, Psychology Services, Social Work Services, and Student Safety and Wellness. The Office ensures that a continuum of services is available to every student to ensure an appropriate public education; it provides a network of support to staff, students, and families, which eliminates obstacles to service delivery, facilitates instruction, and enables students to succeed as individuals within the learning environment.

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Resiliency Interview


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Interview: Psychologist Ryan Dickerson and Social Worker Erica Bettwy on Resilience

Crisis Interview


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Interveiw with Kim Dockery and Mary Ann Panarelli: Talking About Crisis Resources



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Interview: Maryann Panarelli, Alternative Learning Programs

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Restorative Justice at Mt. View AHS


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Insight Interview: Dr. Dale and Kim Dockery discuss Restorative Justice and Resolving Conflicts


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Interview with Amy Parmentier and Myriam Golden about Social Workers in FCPS

MentorWorks Essay Winner


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Insight Video: MentorWorks Essay Winners

Kathy Sheffel, Homeless Resources


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Insight Interview: Kathi Sheffel, Homeless Program




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