Summer 2013
PACK wisely for summer vacation - Play, Adventure, Create & Knowledge

School's out, but learning is always in! There are links and lists will help keep your reading skills sharp, so check out Summer Reading. Looking for good book? Students at Colvin Run created book trailers to preview their favorites. Students can also get a head-start on the new school year and brush up on keyboarding skills. Looking for an online activities? Check out the Learning Links page for more puzzle sites, games, and virtual field trips to places you may not have a chance to visit this summer.

Summer Fun Links (for more sites visit Learning Links)

Ty D. Turtle answers questions about beaches in the site from the EPA.  You can play arcade games learning how to stay safe at the bech and keep beaches clean.  Interactive storybook game, pollutants are a major focus.

The Popsicle people crafted this delicious site to help add a little cool to the fun of summer. Skip the advertising in Popsicle, Popsicle, Popsicle and head straight for Fun. Crafty kids will love the Stick Art, which includes directions and templates.
Keep your typing skills sharp this summer with Dance Mat typing. Rock and roll your way through the keyboard.
The Exploratorium in San Francisco provides a site full of awesome online science activities, covering everything from optical illusions to the science of surfing and baseball. Explore offers both interactive activities, such as a Cow's Eye Dissection, and step-by-step instructions for fascinating hands-on activities.

Turn summer into an adventure with a visit to this official site, which delivers the goods on the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The CIA World Factbook (click Intelligence Book List) -- an example of basic intelligence -- provides information about world geography, history, and population statistics. Even more fascinating, however, are the sections CIA Canine Corps and Aerial Photography Pigeons!

Can there be a better way to spend a vacation than with the travel-savvy folks at National Geographic? This fabulous site provides opportunities for kids to haunt a castle, burrow with a prairie dog, prowl with a polar bear -- or stay home and create a tornado in a bottle. A Cartoon Factory and lots of fascinating facts and fun and games also are included.

PBS offers kids the opportunity to learn while they enjoy a variety of fun, interactive experiences. At this site, kids can get advice, create an interactive story, learn lots of fascinating facts about a number of topics, or choose from nearly four dozen games featuring characters from PBS shows.

Kind News Online

Classroom newspaper emphasizes kindness to animals, good citizenship, peaceful conflict resolution, respect for natural habitats

Etch a Sketch  
Chess Kids Free online chess lessons for kids. Play against the computer w/ resources for parents and teachers.
Lego Online Lego fun
Children's Museum Great fun for students of all ages.
Math Playground Keep your brain exercised at the playground this summer - the Math Playground. This site has great activites for both elementary and middle school students.

Keyboarding Practice & Games
Dance Mat Typing Keep your typing skills sharp this summer with Dance Mat typing. Rock and roll your way through the keyboard.
Cup Stacking Cup stacking is fun to do, but it's even better when you practice typing by typing the letters you see on the cups. This site has other keyboarding games as well.
Typing Monster This game is not for beginning typists! It's great practice for increasing your speed and skill.

Puzzles & Games
Set Online: Choose Daily Puzzle to play a different Set each day
Brain Games
Egypt Games
Puzzler's Paradise
Think Fun's Site: Rush Hour, What's Gnu, Zingo