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The FCPS Tutor and Speech-language Pathologist Lists contain the names of current FCPS employees who are licensed FCPS teachers and/or licensed speech-language pathologists and have contacted the Parent Resource Center (PRC) to offer their services to parents. These instructors are private, independent contractors who provide instructional services to the public for a fee. They may not provide these services during FCPS hours or on FCPS property (unless they have paid the appropriate rental fees). Parents are not required to retain any of these instructors, and students do not need to use their services in order to succeed at FCPS.

Parents who wish to retain one of these instructors should make arrangements directly with the tutor or speech-language pathologist; because FCPS is not responsible for these arrangements. FCPS cannot guarantee the instructors’ licensure status, content of their private tutoring/speech-language services, suitability for a particular child, or costs. Neither the PRC nor anyone else at FCPS will make recommendations about the relative merits of the instructors. Claims or concerns about instruction provided through these private arrangements should be raised directly with the tutor or speech-language pathologist, not FCPS.


  • Current FCPS Employee.
  • Licensed FCPS teacher or licensed FCPS speech-language pathologist.
  • If you are not a current FCPS employee and/or an FCPS licensed teacher/speech-language pathologist, we regret that we cannot include you on this list.



Chena Lefort


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