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Media Tips are listed in chronological order.                     July 23, 2014

This summer, teachers from around the countyattended a week-long academy class to learn more about how to use STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) in their classroom by taking STEMology: An Introduction to STEM Education. The teachers participated in challenges using the design process, discovered the wealth of standards-based STEM activities they could use in their classrooms, and learned how to implement problem-based learning projects in order to boostcritical and creative thinking in real-world scenarios. As a culminating project, the participants designed and implementeda mini-STEM camp for Young Scholars at Dogwood Elementary where the academy class was held. The children's STEMcamp was centered on how to clean polluted water by designing, testing, and evaluatinga variety of filters.  Contact news liaison Linda Martin at

Dogwood Elementary is hosting the Young Scholars Summer Science Academy for students in grades 1-6, featuring a problem-based learning approach to incorporate 21st century learning skills. With the help of STEMbassadors from the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District and Reston Association, the students are taking their learning into the field at the local neighborhood pond and its feeder streams to see how the environment is affected by pollution. Along with field studies, the students build models, research, and experiment to enrich and extend their learning. They are analyzing the health of the pond as they study the living and nonliving features and offer their solutions to make it a healthier ecosystem. Contact news liaison Linda Martin at

High school students who are interested in STEM are volunteering to help children in a variety of summer programs. Dogwood Elementary is hosting 18 volunteers from Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, South Lakes High, Carson Middle, and Hughes Middle during the Summer Science Academy for Young Scholars. By acting as mentors to the elementary school students, they are providing near-peer role models, language models, and sharing their interest and aspirations in STEM along with their plans for college which helps the younger students envision opportunities for themselves later in life. Contact news liaison Linda Martin at

Laura Yang, a teacher at Pine Spring Elementary, is one of 32 elementary school teachers from around the country to receive a 2013 Raytheon-Engineering is Elementary Teacher Scholarship.  Yang attended an Engineering is Elementary teacher workshop at the Museum of Science in Boston last week; she will bring the engineering curriculum back to her school to help students enhance their understanding of engineering and technology concepts.  Contact Laura Yang at

The Robinson Secondary choral music groups recently traveled to Riga, Latvia, for the World Choir Games, where they won numerous awards.  The Select Women’s Ensemble earned a gold medal in the champions level competition in the Youth Choirs of Equal Voices category, and the Robinson Singers earned a silver medal in the champions level category in Mixed Youth Choirs.  The choirs also performed in a friendship concert with choirs from China, Germany, and Venezuela, and there were numerous occasions to sing with other choirs after meals, on shuttle buses, and at parks.  Choir director Michael Horanski noted that when two choirs from different ends of the globe get on a bus together and know some of the same music, it drives home the point that music is the universal language.  The student musicians also had the opportunity to learn about Latvian history and culture and to sing informally in the Dome Cathedral during a tour.  Contact principal Matt Eline at 703-426-2100 or or event liaison Michael Horanski at




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