Return On Investment

city year volunteer hands in cheerDescribe the Return on Investment (ROI) opportunities for partners and how to measure them.

Business and community groups seek out Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) to establish mutually beneficial partnerships that contribute to the high quality of life in Fairfax County. Below we’ve listed distinct reasons that business and community groups partner with FCPS and how you might measure the Return on Investment (ROI):


Intrinsic Value

  • Donating time, resources, and/or money to public schools is rewarding; FCPS partners are confident that their donations are efficiently distributed and effectively used.

ROI:  Many business people actively participate in their communities to contribute to the greater good--and because they know that business is stronger in high-functioning communities.

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Mission Driven

  • A company’s mission statement may require its employees to be “corporate citizens” by partnering or donating time or money.

 ROI: For many companies, allowing employees to volunteer some of their time supports employee retention.

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Face-to-face discussions are an extremely effective form of marketing. 

ROI: Through FCPS functions, volunteers are likely to meet other professionals with congruent or overlapping lines of business and, in Fairfax County that includes people from seven Fortune 500 companies.

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Workforce Development

  • A business may develop a partnership that helps train students with specific skills in areas like mathematics, computer science, or auto mechanics.

ROI: Business partners help train and strengthen the skills of the future workforce. 

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Business and community groups partner because they know that the promotional materials produced by FCPS—including news releases, Emmy award winning TV programming, and a web site that receives 1 million unique hits a month—equates to high quality marketing and association with excellence. 

ROI: Companies save money on advertising by receiving widespread recognition from FCPS and the media outlets that cover the school system.

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In limited instances, sponsorships are approved.  In this regard businesses build relationships with staff members, parents, and students who eventually may buy their products or services.

  • ROI: Relationships could ultimately equate to sales. 

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Beta Testing

A business may donate a product or service, hoping that its educational value will be recognized by our educational professionals.

ROI: While there can never be a quid pro quo for partnering with FCPS, prior experience with a product or service could provide an advantage to an expanding business.

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Return On Investment

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