Using Adobe Reader to View PDF Files

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Documents that contain graphics, photos, and specialized formatting such as multiple columns are not easily converted to HTML, the programming language of the web. FCPS web curators use Adobe Reader to prepare documents that contain more than text for the web site. Reader converts documents to PDF images. PDF documents appear on the web in an identical format and appearance to printed documents. The current version of Reader is version 10.0. If you are unable to view certain charts or graphs, and you are using earlier version of Reader, please follow these instructions to upgrade your software to enable you to view these images.

Web users need to have the free Adobe Reader program installed and linked to their web browsers to view PDF images. Instructions and system requirements for downloading and attaching the viewer for both PC and Apple platforms follow:

  • Go to the Adobe Reader free download page:
  • Choose your language, platform, and connection speed on Step 1 of 2. Your selection will determine the version of software that you will download.
  • As soon as you choose your language, platform, and connection speed on Step 1, Step 2 of 2 will be displayed.
  • By default, you will download the full version using Adobe Download Manager. The full version allows you to:
    • Search PDF files
    • Activate accessibility features built into PDF files
    • View Photoshop® Album slide shows and electronic cards, extract pictures, and order prints
    • Play back embedded movies, animation, and sound
    • View, organize, and purchase eBooks

At this point, you may also choose to download the free Photoshop Album 2.0 Starter Edition software, allowing you to download, find, fix, and share digital photos—and even create Adobe PDF slide shows that can be viewed with Adobe Reader.

  • Click the "download" button. Make note of where the downloaded file is being saved on your computer.
  • After the download is complete, some computers will start to install automatically. If your computer doesn't start to install the software, double-click the newly downloaded file and follow the instructions on your screen. If there is a failure at any point during the installation of Adobe Reader, the installer performs a complete uninstall. For this reason, it is important not to close the installer application by clicking its close box in the upper right corner of the background window after clicking the "Thank You" dialog box that appears at the end of the installation. If you wait for a second or two, the installer will automatically close the background windows after the installation is complete. The installation procedure will ask you to read and accept the Electronic End-User License Agreement.
  • Now you are ready to view PDF files. To view a file, simply click on the link on any web page. Adobe Reader will automatically be called up to allow you to view (and print) the file.
  • Special note to FCPS employees: All FCPS computers should be equipped with the Adobe Reader program. Employees with Internet connections who do not have Adobe Reader should follow the instructions for downloading and installing the program. Employees responsible for equipping new computers for Internet access are asked to make the Adobe Reader part of the standard installation package.

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