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ACE Reorganization Information

Fewer ACE Classes, Same Great Quality

On February 2, 2012, ACE staff were informed that in order to achieve a balanced budget, a significant reorganization and reduction in force was required.  The ACE staff are dedicated, hardworking individuals, but the economic climate took a toll on the profitability of the programs.  Beginning in July, the number of ACE classes will be decreased but many of the programs will remain. ACE will place an emphasis on Adult ESOL classes and workforce and career readiness. Apprenticeship, business and computer certifications, health and medical career certifications, and workplace training programs will continue to be offered.  In addition, the Driver Education 9-12 program including behind the wheel training as well as several secondary enrichment programs will continue. The streamlined organization includes 35.5 contracted positions and hundreds of instructors.  Some new job descriptions were created to support the primary mission of the organization; these positions will be filled through internal competition.  Some positions did not change and these positions will be filled by seniority. The current staff of 58.5 people will be able to compete for the new positions. 

The mission is to preserve a core adult program that meets state and local requirements and provides opportunities for better alignment with the division’s mission of career and workforce readiness while creating operational efficiencies.    Classes will be held in 10 anchor sites each with a revenue target.  In fiscal year 2013, the Plum Center will continue to be the flagship location for ACE Classes. (Read More

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