School Year Calendar 2012-13


September 4, 2012

School Begins

October 8

Columbus Day Holiday

November 2

First Grading Period Ends*+

November 5 - 6

Student Holidays

November 21

Students Released 2 Hours Early

November 22 - 23

Thanksgiving Break

December 24 - January 1, 2013

Winter Break


January 21

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Birthday Holiday

January 25

Second Grading Period Ends*+

January 28 - January 29

Student Holidays

February 18

George Washington’s Birthday - Presidents' Day Holiday#

March 25 - 29

Spring Break

April 12

Third Grading Period Ends*+

April 15

Student Holiday#

Sleepy Hollow Elementary School and Spring Hill Elementary School will hold classes on Monday, April 15, as a makeup day for October 31, 2012.

May 27

Memorial Day Holiday

June 13

Graduation On or After This Date*

June 18

Last Day of School*+#N



Schools are open.


Report cards are provided to parents at the end of each grading period and at the end of the school year.

Date subject to change if more than three school days are lost because of inclement weather.


Early release on the last official day of school.


Makeup Day Schedule

Days Missed

Makeup Days

1 (October 29)

No makeup required

2 (October 30)

No makeup required

3 (March 6)

No makeup required


February 18


April 15 (Sleepy Hollow Elementary School and Spring Hill Elementary School will hold classes as a makeup day for October 31, 2012.)


No makeup required


June 19


No makeup required


June 20


No makeup required

Date for the last day of school may be earlier or later depending on unanticipated events.

The guidelines for determining the Standard School Year Calendar are outlined in Regulation 1344acrobat icon.

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