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Mr. Adam Entenberg, Assistant Principal

Welcome - Last Updated September 26, 2013
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Mission Statement
The mission of The Woodson Comprehensive ED Service Site (CEDSS) is to provide a safe and challenging academic environment in which students will be able to achieve their full academic potential. We provide individual support as our students become integrated into the General Education setting. We strive to teach our students life and social skills as well as tolerance of others while meeting the individual needs of all our students.

About Our Program
Woodson CEDSS is a Fairfax County Public School program that serves adolescents who are eligible for special education services as students with emotional disabilities in grades 9-12.  It is specifically designed for adolescents who need a combination of individualized education and supportive counseling in order to succeed in a mid-size mainstream high school.  The CEDSS program milieu emphasizes socially acceptable behavior, academic achievement, self-respect, and respect for others.  The staff assists students in identifying a plan of action to address their developmental changes both during and after their high school career.  Students achieve their goals through a combination of academic accommodations, clinical services, parental involvement and community resources.  Multi-disciplinary teams, in which professionals work together, provide comprehensive interventions to facilitate student growth when patterns of development have been disturbed.  Individual Education Program goals determine the amount of emphasis placed on developing positive social skills and academic skills.  All parents and students are encouraged to meet and participate with the staff.  Parental cooperation and support are integral components for student progress.  A comprehensive approach to discipline is incorporated into Woodson CEDSS’s philosophy with the intent of preparing students for successful transition into society.  The program adheres to Fairfax County Public Schools’ Student Responsibilities and Rights, Regulation 2601 and to Woodson High School policies.



Welcome - Last Updated September 26 , 2013

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