Personally Owned Electronic Devices

The Fairfax County Public Schools Department of Information Technology has recommended to principals that students be allowed to bring their personally owned computing devices to school for use in the classroom as an instructional tool.  Personally owned computing devices are defined as any device that has Wi-Fi capability such as smartphones, laptops, netbooks, tablets (such as iPad, Xoom, etc.), and e-readers.

West Potomac High School agrees that these devices can enhance the instructional program, and will allow students to use such devices, with teacher permission, in the classroom.  The devices may only be used in accordance to the"Color Code System Usage" posted in classrooms and designated areas. Students are responsible for any device they choose to bring to school.  When not in use in the classroom, the student is responsible for properly securing the device.  Teachers and other staff will not store or hold onto devices.  School technology support or teachers will not support, repair or troubleshoot student devices.  Students should fully charge the device prior to bringing it to school as the school is not responsible to provide an opportunity or the necessary power to charge the device during the school day.

To register a device, please follow these steps:

  1. Download and print the “Personally Owned Computing Devices Permission Form.”
  2. The parent and student should carefully read the entire document.
  3. Both the parent and student must sign and date page 3.
  4. Complete page 4 by including all the requested information for each device. *If students are unsure how to obtain their MAC Address, they can do an internet search for “How to find a MAC Address for my (type your device name here)" or visit the website of the manufacture of your 
    device and do a search for “MAC Address.”

  5. The student must bring the signed permission form (page 3) and the device information form (page 4) to school with the devices to the library.
  6. The student will present the forms to the technology support staff and the information will be verified.  Once verified, the student will be provided with a sticker to adhere to each approved device.  This sticker must be on the device in order for it to be used in the classroom.

Finally, students are bound to and must comply with Regulation 6410, Appropriate Use of Fairfax County Public Schools’ Network and Internet Resources,Regulation 2601, Student Rights and Responsibilities, Regulation 6401, Student Use of FCPS Network and Internet Resources, and DIT Technical Bulletin 302,Use of Privately Owned Computing Devices on FCPS Networks, while on FCPS property or while involved in any FCPS sponsored event/activity, or when using FCPS resources, regardless of who owns the computer or device used by student or how it is connected.

If you have any questions about the process or type of allowed device, please contact: