Student Parking Permit Sales:

Parking sales are now complete for senior students. Over the last two weeks we sold 200 parking spaces, leaving approximately 75 spaces available to members of the junior class interested in buying parking. In order to most fairly meet the interest and demand for junior parking, we will hold a lottery for the remaining student spaces on campus. To enter the lottery, please submit a completed parking application to the Security Office (Quander 300) or to Ms. Patty Jones in the Subschool 5 Office (Gunston 178) throughout this week. Students must have a valid driver’s license (not learner’s permit) at the time their application is submitted.
We will hold the lottery from all applications submitted next Monday, 9/15. Letters informing students of their application’s status will be shared via third period (Wolverine Time) classes. Students whose numbers are selected will be invited to bring the check in for the fee immediately thereafter. Students not selected for the lottery and those not yet with a valid driver’s license will remain eligible for passes via a waiting list kept throughout the year. There are times that spaces become available during the year (due to moves, another’s loss of privileges, etc.). We have also requested that FCPS aid us again this year in the creation of additional parking spaces, which if delivered, will be used for additional student parking.
A lottery is the only fair way we know of to meet the demand for junior parking. Other systems to sell spaces would involve making subjective value judgments on whose need to park is greater than others. We will begin parking enforcement in the junior lot after the lottery and permit sales, at the end of next week. Parking enforcement is now effect in the senior parking lot.


Please bring completed Parking Application, check for 200 dollars, proof of driver’s license, and proof of insurance. Fee waivers are available.

Students and parents are reminded that parking on the West Potomac High School campus during normal school hours is by permit only. The VISITOR spaces in front of the school are reserved for persons having a legitimate need to meet with counselors, teachers, etc. and are not for overflow parking.

West Potomac Student Parking Regulations