Attendance Procedures

Printable Attendance Policy

Attendance Policy--- Fairfax County Public Schools Regulation #2232

“FCPS expects students to be in school and follow their assigned schedules unless their absence is excused due to illness, a death in the family, a medical or dental appointment, or religious obligations. Parents must give the school a written explanation for any student absence or late arrival. Parents are asked to call or email the school attendance line if their child will be late or miss school. If school officials do not receive notice, parents will get a call and an e-mail through the Keep In Touch (KIT) system notifying them that their child has not arrived at school as expected. Absence or tardiness is unexcused if the parent does not inform the school in advance or supply a note when the student returns to school. Students are required to make up missed work (2014-2015 Student Rights and Responsibilities booklet-page 12). Students who attend school regularly and arrive on time are more likely to perform well academically”

For students in middle and high school, attendance is checked daily for period and all-day absences and calls and e-mails are sent at 10 a.m. In addition, attendance is reconciled at 4 p.m. Calls and e-mails follow at 7 p.m. via an automated attendance system from Fairfax County Public Schools.


  • If you receive a call-out message, please check or have your student check with the classroom teacher for that period.
  • All Day absences must be excused by the parent or guardian by calling the appropriate sub school. See Alpha order and numbers listed in this document, to leave a message or in writing with a note or e-mail to the
    subschool within 48 hours.
  • Prearranged absence form (college visits, family travel, upcoming medical appointments, etc.) MUST be requested in writing at least two days prior to the absence and given to the appropriate sub school office for approval.
  • All calls for attendance purposes must be made by 8:00 am.
  • No early release notes will be accepted after 9:30 am


  • Please note: Fairfax County Public Schools are very strict about tardies. The following will not be excused:
  • Oversleeping, power outages, car trouble, traffic, and missing the bus.
  • If your student is going to be late to school:
    • S/he must bring a note to excuse the tardy,  OR
    • The parent or guardian must call the appropriate sub school and leave a message notifying West Potomac that your student will be arriving late.
  • If a student arrives late without a note during the first 20 minutes of class, s/he reports directly to class.  If the student arrives more than 20 minutes late then s/he will report to his/her sub school first, and then go to class.

Checking Out From School

To check out your student from school (doctor’s appointments or other excused absences):

  • Planned Sign Out
    • Send a note with your child to bring to the sub school administrative assistant by 8:10am. The subschool administrative assistant will write a pass for the student.
    • You can pick your student up at the Kiss and Ride area.  (If he/she is driving, he/she can leave after signing out in the sub school).
    • Please note that if your student becomes ill during the day, he/she may ONLY sign out from the Clinic.
  • If you were unable to send in a note in the morning, a parent/guardian MUST do the following:
    • Park and come into the school. Please leave plenty of time.  You will have to check in at the main office. 
    • At the main office, sign your student out, and we will send for your student.  Please note that if your student is in PE or lunch, or if the class is out of the classroom, this method may take extra time.

Student’s Responsibilities for Checking Out From School

  • Bring the parent note to the sub school before school begins and get the pink check out pass by 9:30am.
  • Bring the pass to his/her sub school office at the sign-out time to get the pass stamped with the check-out time.
  • At departure time, student presents the pink pass to the teacher, and departs class.
  • If the student returns to school that day, he/she checks in at his/her sub school office, signs in, and the card is again stamped so the student may use it to get into class.

Sub School (SS) Numbers/Emails

SS 1 (A – Ca Ms. Moore 703.718.2698 Ms. Guevara Quander Blg. Rm 307
SS 2 (Cb-Ham) Mr. Hamlin 703.718.2509 Ms. Miller
Quander Blg. Rm 307
SS 3 (Han- Mar) Ms. Faz 703.718.2611 Ms. Dooley
Springbank Blg. Rm 539        
SS 4 (Mas-Rom) Ms. Lyttle 703.718.2611 Ms. Dooley
Springbank Blg. Rm 539
SS 5 (Ron – Z) Ms. Monroe 703.718.2516 Ms. P. Jones
Gunston Blg. Rm 179

Note to the Parents and Students:

  • Based on FCPS Regulation 2234.7 absences for family and/or other vacations, child care situations, missed school bus ,non-school-related activity, or other reason unacceptable to the principal or his or her designee", are unexcused.
  • FCPS encourages family trips during scheduled school vacations and strongly discourages such trips during the school year because these absences interrupt the continuity of learning.
  • Absences for chronic or long-term illness may require doctor's notes.
  • Students with a prearranged absence will be responsible for requesting assignments, completing homework, and preparing for scheduled tests.
  • If the absence is not approved and the student does not attend school, then the absences will be unexcused and teachers are not obligated to provide make-up work or to administer any missed assignments.
  • In the case of an approved prearranged absence during final exams the administrator will determine if the exam is taken early or deferred to the summer.

IMPORTANT: According to state law, any student absent from school for 15 consecutive days regardless of reason will be withdrawn from school. Parents will need to reenroll their students on their own.