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Main Office: 703.718.2500

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Office Hours: 7:30am-4pm

School Hours: 8:10am-2:55pm

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6500 Quander Rd.

Alexandria, VA 22307


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Vision Statement

We are the World’s Greatest High School.
By nurturing the talents, ideas, and skills of each member of our learning community, we challenge each other to be better versions of ourselves every day. Learning and growth drive our institution. Embracing this mindset, we fortify and prepare graduates to thrive in an ever-changing global society.

Mission Statement

West Potomac High School celebrates its proud past as it builds an exciting future through an engaging curriculum, systems of student support, and a connected community.


  • High expectations for learning must be set and reached inside and outside of our classrooms;
  • All students will have opportunity and access to a rigorous curriculum and engaging learning experiences;
  • Teaching will be tailored to individual learning needs to maximize student success and prepare all Wolverines for their futures;
  • Instructional technology integration aids West Potomac teaching, learning, and assessment;
  • An atmosphere of mutual respect, open communication, and trust will extend across all West Potomac stakeholders; and
  • Every Wolverine must have opportunities to practice leadership, service, and citizenship.



Located near the Potomac River between George Washington’s Mount Vernon mansion and the City of Alexandria, West Potomac High School (WPHS) was established in 1985 by combining two existing schools and communities. The school's motto is: Excellence is a Tradition, and WPHS has always been known for expecting a high level of academic and personal achievement. Drawing from an area that is economically, racially, and ethnically mixed, WPHS serves one of the most widely diverse student bodies in northern Virginia. Students come from more than 50 countries and speak 35 different languages in their homes. Socioeconomic and ability levels are just as widely spread. Staff members and students alike benefit from this cross-cultural experience. West Potomac's diversity is an asset to celebrate and explore.

West Potomac High School maintains a close relationship with the community, local businesses, and the middle and elementary schools in its pyramid. It continues to implement effective up-to-date programs for the academic and extracurricular needs of all of the students it serves and for the entire pyramid. West Potomac offers a diversified and challenging academic program for all students, as well as a wide variety of college preparatory courses, including a wide variety of Advanced Placement classes and many professional technical studies programs. The students perform hundreds of hours of community service and participate in a vibrant and renowned cultural arts program. More than half of our student body is actively involved in more than fifty extra-curricular clubs, music and sports programs.
As West Potomac implements small professional learning communities throughout the school, it continues to change and meet the challenges of preparing students for a global economy in the 21st century.