Professional Graphics Design Studio

Instructor: Natalie Eppolito

West Potomac Academy Pro Graphic Studio is designed to prepare students to work and learn in the growing design industry, both print, web and interactive. This is done by providing them with a foundation of entry level skills in a variety of disciplines associated with the profession.

Concept, theory, design, and the production of real-world projects afford the student a maximum amount of hands-on-experience. Students learn and work on industry standard equipment, including Mac and Windows based computers, Wacom touch tablets, HP Large Format printer, Printing Presses, Nikon Digital Cameras, Adobe CS5 Software, coupled with up-to-date instructional materials will insure that a graduate of the Pro Graphic Studio program will be prepared for an successful entry into the field of design and post-secondary educational opportunities.

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Pro Graphics Studio Level I

Students at level one learn the fundamentals and principals of design through both foundational and commercial quality assignments including: Elements and principals of design, color theory (traditional and digital), typography, layout, 3-Dimensional design, Package design, Electronic design and production, 3-D design and animation, and Web design.  Students create excellent portfolio pieces that visually communicate their proven ability in both traditional and digital design.


Pro Graphics Studio Level II

Students at level two continue to refine and improve their graphic design skills through commercial quality assignments described above in level I. Students will begin to specialize in particular areas of interest, and prepare their professional portfolio.  Internship and professional skill building opportunities are available to graphic design level II students as well as certification opportunities are available for students interested in seeking a certification or an Adobe Certified Expert certification.  Level II students will also learn professional marketing practices-i.e. how to go out and get a real job.