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Supply List 2014-2015 (printable one page pdf here)

Supply K-2 3rd-6th 
3x5 index cards 1 pack 2 packs
baby wipes 2 boxes unscented 1 box unscented 
backpack 1 (no wheeled backpacks)* 1*
binders 1 - 1/2 inch (not 2nd Grade)* 1"  *
calculator   1 (Home Use Only)
cleaning wipes (clorox or lysol) 1 container  1 container 
colored pencils 1 box 12 count sharpened (Not K) 1 box of  12 sharpened
composition books 3 (not K)* 5*
crayons 2 boxes 24  1 box 24
divider tabs   one pack:  10 tab dividers
dry erase markers (Low Odor) 1 package (4) 1 package  (4)
facial tissues 2 large boxes 1 large box
Gallon size zipper bags one box zippper bags (GIRLS ONLY) one box zippper bags (GIRLS ONLY)
glue 1  4oz bottle
glue sticks 30 sticks - Communal Use 8 sticks- Communal Use
hand sanitizer 1 bottle (boys only) (communal use) 1  (communal use)
highlighters   2 yellow
large pink erasers 3 2
loose-leaf paper (wide ruled)   1 package wide rule, leave in package
markers (washable) box of 10 or (one package broad tipped, one package fine tipped), for classroom use box of 10 or (one package broad tipped, one package fine tipped, for classroom use
mechanical pencils   3 packs "bic"
pencil case   zippered pouch*
pens 1 package blue, black, or red
plastic/vinyl  pocket folders                 1 green* 8   (red, yellow, green, blue, orange, and 3 of your choice*
pocket folders 5 - red, yellow, green, blue, purple (Not K)*  
post-its 1 pack (Communal Use) 3 packs (Communal Use)
protractor   1 (not 3rd)
quad ruled graph paper   1 pack - Communal Use
ruler with metric and standard units   1, not bendable*
scissors 1- 7" fiskar (Communal Use) 2- 7" fiskar (Communal Use)
set of headphones   5th and 6th Grade*
sharpened #2 pencils 24 sharpened 24  sharpened 
sharpies 1 (not 2nd grade) 2 black
spiral bound notebook   1
ziplock sandwich bags 1 box (not 2nd grade) 1 box (Boys only)
other  paper towel roll (optional)  
Care & Share donation  Fill a backpack with all items from above Fill a backpack with all items from above
(for students @ SLES)

*Please label with child's name