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Mission Statement

Working collaboratively with students, parents, staff, and the community, MVHS Department of Student Services inspires and empowers all students to maximize academic, career, and personal/social growth. As leaders and advocates, we implement a comprehensive data driven school counseling program to facilitate systemic change and help students achieve their full potential.

Director of Student Services Administrative Assistant Phone  
Malicia Braxton Lorraine Fetterolf 703-619-3112  
School Counselors
9th Grade
Christine Young A - J Subschool IV 703-619-3253
Melissa Mentzel K - Z Subschool IV 703-619-3136
10th - 12th Grade
Matthew Johnson A - Bo Subschool IV 703-619-3279
Danielle Flournoy Bp - Hai Subschool IV 703-619-3254
Mary McAlevy Haj - Med Subschool I 703-619-3255
Toni Jones Mee - Ra Subschool I 703-619-3233
Andrew Knoblich Ra - Z Subschool II 703-619-3280
Niasharee Frater A - Z Comprehensive Services Site 703-619-3308
Psychologists and Social Workers
Rodana Aboul Hosn School Social Worker 703-619-3208  
Kathleen Basinski School Social Worker - CSS 703-619-3304  
Ryan Dickerson School Psychologist - CSS 703-619-3305  
Specialists   Phone  
Assessment Coach Dennis Kayatt 703-619-3203  
Career Center Specialist Audrey Jones 703-619-3118  
Clinic Aide Monique Tyler 703-619-3110  
Clinic Nurse Kayla Diamond 703-619-3110  
Employment and Transition Representative (ETR) TBD 703-619-3306  
Employment and Transition Representative (ETR) TBD 703-619-3234  
Hearing Teacher TBD 703-619-3271  
Parent Liaison Gisele Gray 703-619-3213  
Parent Liaison Ana Chavez 703-619-3228  
SIA Fatima Mobley 703-619-3108  
Speech Therapist Stephanie Hart 703-619-3262  
Transcript Assistant TBD 703-619-3113  

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