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Show your Major PRIDE and donate to the Major Buck Depot!

Show your Major PRIDE and donate to the Major Buck Depot!

Last year Mount Vernon High School began an incentive program called Major Bucks, where students are given reward tickets to acknowledge positive behavior and school pride. We are now in the process of expanding our Major Buck Depot (school store) where students use their Major Bucks to purchase Major Gear (shirts, sandals, and sweatshirts), snacks and school supplies.

As the school year winds down, many students are gearing up to spend their Major Bucks that they have saved all year long. Much of our inventory is depleted at this point in the year and we need your support to keep our school store stocked with items for students to purchase and to reach our goal of building a better tomorrow for Mount Vernon High School.

You can help by donating items or becoming a patron sponsor. Any donation you can make, whether it be gift cards, school supplies, snacks, candy, or any financial contribution, no matter how small, could make a difference in the future of our community and in the lives of our students.

Please bring any donated items or monetary contributions (checks made out to MVHS) to the main office or contact the Major PRIDE Committee Chair, Melinda Bloomquist, for more information on how you can help. We hope that you will consider contributing to our school store and thank you in advance for supporting Major PRIDE.


The Major P.R.I.D.E. Committee

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SAT-ACT Preparation Program

SAT Preparation Program

Mount Vernon High School has purchased access to an SAT preparation program – FinalPrep. Click on this link for more information.

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Parents Get Your Own FCPS 24-7 Account/Blackboard Account!

Parents can now create their own account for FCPS 24-7/Blackboard. After registering and having their account validated at one of their children's schools, parents will have their own username and password to access all of their children's active courses, their high school students' career and college planning through Family Connection and will be able to update their children's emergency information through weCare@school. Updating weCare with the correct email address will ensure better communication via Keep in Touch. Details.

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