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2014-15 Faculty and Staff

For an alphabetical list of teacher and staff e-mail addresses, please visit the e-mail directory page.


Mr. Chad Lehman, Principal
Ms. Tanya Shuford, Director of Student Services
Mr. Darwin Barker, Assistant Principal
Mr. Patrick Riley, Assistant Principal
Ms. Rohini Tohan, Assistant Principal
Officer Luis Castellon, School Resource Officer
Ms. Terry Restino, Educational Administrative Assistant
Ms. Van Shawver, Finance Technician
Ms. Christine Lyons, After School Program Specialist and Community Use Coordinator
Ms. Cathy Gray, Office Assistant
Ms. Susan Prentice, Clinic Aide
Ms. Deb Robertson, Safety & Security Assistant
Ms. Paula Ospina, Parent Liaison, Fluent in English and Spanish
Ms. Rebecca Vecchione, Receptionist

Office of Student Services

Ms. Tanya Shuford - Director of Student Services
Ms. Tami Brumett - Counselor
Mr. Brian Tickle - Counselor
Ms. Shannon White - Counselor
Mr. Mohammed Zishhan - Counselor
Ms. Suzanne Gouger - Student Services Assistant
Ms. Ukindra Johnson - Psychologist
Mr. Michael McRae - Social Worker

Speech and Language Clinician

Ms. Alethia Chew
Ms. Tracy Rosner

Teachers and Departments


Ms. Ann Aderton
Ms. Barbara Atlas
Ms. Barbara Barnhart
Ms. Jan Craiker
Ms. Misty Dhillon
Ms. Lori Farnsworth
Ms. Larissa Fermin
Ms. Heather Hassig
Ms. Patricia Heatherly
Mr. Thom Jones
Ms. Susan Maneechai
Ms. Allison O'Shea
Ms. Marcia Sedlak
Ms. Rosanne Tempesta


Ms. Leigh Anderson
Ms. Andrea Austin
Ms. Leah Chang
Ms. Diane Hudson
Ms. Chelsea Kimbrough
Ms. Lara Holmes
Ms. Karen Lough
Ms. Sarah Newman
Mr. Joseph Pfalzer
Ms. Laura Rojek
Ms. Biljana Schwenz
Ms. Catherine Sousa
Ms. Donna Waiss
Ms. Amanda Wallace
Ms. Stephanie Willerth
Ms. Linda Ysewyn
Ms. Cecelia Zama


Ms. Victoria Correa
Mr. David Hartford
Ms. Rebecca Herron
Ms. Emily Kobb
Mr. Andrew Kobele
Ms. Lana Lammer
Ms. Sarah Layton
Ms. Maureen McCarthy
Ms. Lauryn Member
Ms. Donna O'Neill
Mr. Sven Ostenfeld
Ms. Debbie Wargo

Social Studies

Mr. Ross Bosse
Mr. Vince Carter
Ms. Rose Cho
Ms. Jenny Collins
Mr. Michael Goff
Ms. Ellen Gresham
Mr. Matthew Hammel
Mr. Shane Kalin
Ms. Rebecca Kingsley
Ms. Karen Matlaga
Ms. Suzanne Orejuela
Mr. Glenn Reinhardt
Mr. Greg Taft

Health & Physical Education

Mr. Brandon Bailey
Mr. Stephen Howes
Mr. Bruce McCall
Ms. Lindsay Tomic
Mr. William Wardlaw
Ms. Alex Zajak

English for Speakers of Other Languages

Ms. Lindsay Baksi
Mr. Erik Behrens
Ms. Jenny Collins
Ms. Lara Holmes
Ms. Jennifer Kuchno
Mr. Michael McDade
Ms. Donna O'Neill
Ms. Biljana Schwenz
Ms. Helen Yedigarian

Special Education

Ms. Patricia Heatherley
Ms. Courtney Jullien
Mr. Shane Kalin
Ms. Andrea Mayer
Mr. Matthew Merante
Ms. Sarina Moses - Department Chair
Ms. Allison O'Shea
Mr. Glenn Reinhardt
Ms. Marcia Sedlak
Ms. Melissa Shine
Ms. Sulekha Subhash
Ms. Cecilia Zama
Ms. Margaret Albertson
Ms. Tammy Brown - IA
Ms. Ursula Carter - IA
Ms. Cynthia Curtade - IA
Mr. Robert Daski - IA
Ms. Shawn Hughes - IA
Ms. Cathay Raboy - IA


Ms. Pam Collier
Ms. Raylene Robinson


Ms. Janet Lundeen

Speech & Drama

Ms. Stacey Jones

Foreign Language

Mr. Michael Bigman (Spanish)
Ms. Yvonne Marteeny (French)
Ms. Vivian Yun (Spanish)
Ms. Nina Li (Chinese)


Ms. Jenna George - Band
Mr. Michael Hairston - Band
Ms. Patricia Little - Chorus
Ms. Phaedra Long - Orchestra

Technology Education

Mr. Bob Becker
Mr. Gregory Hardy

Business/Career Education

Mr. Janos Nanasi

Family and Consumer Science

Ms. Patti Hamilton
Ms. Susan Curley

Instructional Support

Ms. Amy Joyner - Instructional Coach
Ms. Johnelle Sweet - Assessment Coach


Ms. Jennifer Betten - Librarian
Mr. Bob Hassett - Librarian
Ms. Bonnie Taylor - Library Assistant

School Based Technology Specialist

Ms. Rebekkah Kline

Technology Support Specialist

Ms. Sharon Smith

Food Service

Ms. Jane Laryea - Manager


Mr. Howard Dowden- Building Supervisor