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Category - Peripherals

Topic - CDs and DVDs

Issue - Safely discarding CDs and DVDs

Tiptoid -

I had some CDs and DVDs that I wanted to permanently destroy. I didn't think that throwing them in the trash was a sure solution.

So I did some research and found the answer - annihilate the CD/DVD!

This can be achieved by using a CD shredder. But if you don't want to spend the money on one, all you need is a flat brick or concrete block.

Place the CD or DVD (label side down) on a surface and grind it back and forth with the brick. This should remove the data layer and leave a pile of metallic dust. Clean up the dust and put it in the trash.

You could also break the disc with your hands and then throw the pieces in separate disposal units. But be careful with the shards! You might cut your hands using this approach. To avoid this, wrap your hands in a towel or newspaper prior to breaking the disk.

We all have to get rid of those few pesky CDs/DVDs at some time or other. These ways work.


Glossary -

DVD - Digital Versatile Disk or Digital Video Disk; a storage medium which has greater capacity and bandwidth than CDs; can be used for multimedia and data storage


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Submitted by - Jon Blake

Site Manager - Andrew An

May 2006

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