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Category - Peripherals

Topic - High Definition Television (HDTV)

Issue - How to view photos on your HDTV

Tiptoid -

My friend Kevin's 14th birthday party was coming up and I wanted to surprise him by putting a goofy photo of the two of us on his TV. “How do I do that?” I asked myself. Undeterred, I checked out a few websites, played around with the system, and finally came up with the answer.

Here's what I did to put a photo on Kevin's HDTV.

HDTVs have high-definition resolution, but your pictures won't automatically display with high quality. To get the best possible photo quality,

•  look for a memory card slot or USB port on the set

•  plug in a storage card or USB memory key

•  view your pictures

Kevin was really surprised when our photo hit his big HDTV screen during his birthday party. Everyone got a kick out of seeing it there, and they all wanted to know how I did it!

Just call me Tech Dude.


Glossary -

DVD - an optical disk that can store a very large amount of digital data, such as text, music, or images

CD - an optical disk approximately 4 in. in diameter, on which a program, data, music, etc., is digitally encoded for a laser beam to scan, decode, and transmit to a playback system, computer monitor, or television set

Resolution - the degree of sharpness of a computer-generated image as measured by the number of dots per linear inch in a hard-copy printout or the number of pixels across and down on a display screen


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June 2007

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