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Tiptoid -

We all know that Google is a great search engine. But did you know that Google is very global, and has a Language Tools option?

When Jennifer and I first discovered Google's Language Tools, we were very excited, especially since we both came to America from other countries. Now we frequently click on Language Tools and look up articles written in our native language.

Because the articles linked to this site are written by people from all over the world, some of the Language Tools options expose us to a variety of points of view. We think that's good. Here are some of those options. You can -

•  search for pages written in different languages

•  search for pages located in different countries

•  search for topics

•  translate from one language into another

Follow these instructions to use these Language Tools options.

•  Click on Language Tools

•  The Language Tools page will appear.

•  Type in your preferences in each of the three boxes, using the drop down arrow.

•  Click on Google Search. You will see a list of articles.

•  Click on an article written in a foreign language. That article will pop up.

•  If you want to translate that article into your default language (in this case, English), select Translate. The next page that pops up will be the original article translated into English.

Google Language Tools also lets you instantly translate words into the language of your choice. Scroll to Translate Text.

•  Write your original text in the Original Text box.

•  Select the language you want to have your text translated into by using the drop down arrow

•  Click on Translate.

•  The translation appears to the right of your original text (see Automatically Translated Text).

Google Language Tools provide several other options. For example, if you want your Google homepage, messages, and buttons to be displayed in a language other than the default English, click on Preferences. Google has almost 125 interface languages from which to choose.

You may also wish to use Google's Advanced Search option for specific phrase or topic choices which will appear in other languages.

•  Click on Advanced Search. The Advanced Search box appears.

•  Type in a phrase (four options are given; see boxes to the right of Find Results, below) and select as many results as you wish using the results drop down arrow.

•  Then, select the Language into which you want your results to be translated, using the Language/Return Pages Written In drop down arrow.

•  There are other search delivery options listed, such as; Date Range, Numeric Range, and Page Specific. There are also filter options, for your security.

Jennifer and I have visited Google's Language Tools frequently. We enjoy the reminders of our home country, but with so many language options at this site, we are also feeling quite global!


Glossary -

default preset option; computing an option that will automatically be selected by a computer if the user does not choose one

global relating to or happening throughout the whole world; taking all the different aspects of a situation into account


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Submitted by - Lam Doan and Jennifer Vo

Site Manager - Chris Ricci

June 2007

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