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SOL Testing Schedule

If a student misses their test date, they should be prepared to test the very next day unless they have spoken to the testing coordinator.

Test Team Date
Reading 7 Captains/Hokies May 18
Reading 7 Patriots/Spartans May 19
Reading 8 Hornets/Cavaliers May 20
Reading 8 Highlanders/Eagles May 21
Algebra Eby/Lordahl May 22
Algebra Hn/Geometry HN Eby/Timblin May 26
Math 8/7HN TBD May 27
Math 7 TBD May 28
Make-up   May 29
Science 8 All Teams June 1
Civics All Teams June 2
Makeups   June 3
Algebra Re-takes   June 4
Makeups   June 5

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