Sea Animal Links


Manta Ray, Pufferfish, and LionFish

click on the one you want when you get to the site

Blue Whale facts about the blue whale

more blue whale info

Moray Eels

Butterfly Fish


more octopi info

Creatures of the deep

GREAT Piranha site


More info on dolphins from Sea World

dophins again

Seahorse Sea World information about seahorses

more seahorse info from Nova Online

Electric Eel

Sea Lion great info by Whale Times

Seals and Sea Lions from Sea World, lots of info

just sea lions from the San Antonio zoo

Gray Whale watching

from Friends of Sea Otters

Giant Squid great info on the giant squid

Sea Snake

Jellyfish from the National Aquarium

Jellyfish trivia game

Sea Turtles

Killer Whales info from the Vancouver Aquarium

more info on Killer Whales


Lobsters from Ask Jeeves for Kids


more starfish info


More about manatees

Sea Anemone

Ask a Marine Scientist

Ask about whales, fish, sharks, penguins and other sea animals

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