Where is Rome located? How did the ancient Romans adapt to their environment?


  • Rome is located in the country of Italy on the continent of Europe.
  • It was on land near the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The city of Rome was near a river and built on many hills. It had limited rich soil.

Who ruled in ancient Rome?


  • Rome had a republican or representative form of government (a representative democracy).
  • A representative democracy is one in which people vote for (elect) a small group of citizens to make the rules and laws for everyone.
  • Our current United States Government is based on the ideas developed in ancient Rome and Greece.

What did the ancient Roman people use to buy and sell goods and services?

  • The people of ancient Rome traded with other cultures (like Egypt) by traveling on the Mediterranean Sea. (Economic Interdependence)
  • The ancient Romans focused on ship building, farming, and making pottery. (Specialization)

A contribution is the act of giving or doing something.
Many of the ancient Roman principles are used today.


  • The architects of ancient Rome used arches in the construction of their buildings. Ancient examples still exist today.
  • The Colosseum and the Aqueducts were built by the ancient Romans.

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