Where is China located? How did the ancient Chinese adapt to their environment?


  • China is located on the continent of Asia.
  • The climate in ancient China includes seasons similar to those in North America.
  • The ancient Chinese fished, farmed, and irrigated the land. There is a variety of plant life in China.
  • The land in ancient China consists of forests, hills, mountains, and deserts.

Who ruled in ancient China?


  • Chinese rulers, called emperors, based their government on the Confucian model, which taught that the best ruler was a virtuous man who led by example.
  • Legalists stressed strength, not goodness, as a ruler's greatest virtue, while Daoists, who rejected the everyday world, believed that the best government was the one that governed least.

What did the ancient Chinese people use to buy and sell goods and services?

  • The ancient Chinese traded goods with other cultures. In addition, they used metal coins in community bartering.
  • The ancient Chinese fished, farmed, and irrigated the land.
  • Silk was traded for other goods or services as they traveled the "Silk Route."

A contribution is the act of giving or doing something.
Many of the ancient Chinese inventions are used today.


  • The ancient Chinese used characters and symbols as their written language.
  • They invented many things which we still use today. Some of their inventions were: kites, silk cloth, fireworks, compass, and bronze.
  • The Great Wall of China was built by Shi Huangdi. He united China and built a strong, centralized, authoritarian government. His most remarkable achievement was building the Great Wall .

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