Southwest Indians

The Southwest Indian tribes lived in the deserts of the southwestern United States. The climate was hot and dry. They had strict rules about water. They were farmers. Anasazi, Hopi, Pueblo and Navajo were some of the Indian tribes that lived in the southwest.

Some southwestern tribes built their homes into the side of the mesas. Mesa means "table" in Spanish. A mesa looks like a high flat table. These indians were sometimes called The Cliffdwellers. Their homes were built with mud, sticks and stones. They looked like big apartment buildings. Each home could have more than 400 people living in them. The homes had very few windows. They had no doors. The indians climbed through a hole in the roof to get into their home. Then they pulled their ladder up into their homes to protect themselves from unwanted people.

Hopi Indians lived in pueblos. Those were houses made out of mud bricks and sticks but they weren't built into cliffs.They were built on the desert land at the foot of the mesa.

Anasazi farmers raised their crops on top of the mesa. They raised corn, beans, and squash which they called The Three Sisters. Sometimes they hunted wild turkeys.

The men wore belts with short skirts. Women wore belts with long dresses. They wore moccasins on their feet. The children dressed like their parents.

The women made beautiful pots of clay and baskets. Those pots and baskets are very valuable today.

Hopi indians belived that they could use Kachinas to talk to their gods. Mostly, they asked their gods for rain. They sang and danced to talk to the gods. They made Kachina dolls out of wood to teach their children about the gods.

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