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“Success is... knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others.”

John C. Maxwell



This summer, Eight Herndon High School Latin students traveled to the National Junior Classical League Convention in San Antonio, Texas.  Kyle Nielsen, an HHS Junior, was instrumental in winning Virginia's first National Certamen Title in five years! The trophy will be coming to HHS at some point this year!  Here are some other highlights:

Dora Drezga (11th grade)--
5th place in the Roman History test
10th place in the Ancient Geography test
6th place in Intermediate Level Certamen

Christina Ngo (11th grade)--
5th place in Traditional Photo
5th place in Girls 800 meter track

Selina Shupp (10th grade)--
6th in Jewelry Creative Arts
8th in the Girls Costume Contest

Mary Ogborn (11th grade)--
24th in Latin Vocabulary and Latin Grammar

Kyle Nielsen (11th grade)--
9th place in the Roman History test
10th place in the Latin Derivatives test
4th place in Boys 800 meter track

We also had some freshly-minted HHS Alumni with us!  

Grace Bailey (HHS '15)--
1st place in Small Models Graphic Arts for her Lyre
8th place in the Ancient Geography test
8th place in the Mythology test

Angie Ngo (HHS '15)--
5th place in the Literature test
10th place in the Mottoes, Abbreviations and Quotes test

Charlie Shen (HHS '15)
1st place in Reading Comprehension Prose
2nd place in Advanced Latin Grammar
3rd place in Reading Comprehension Poetry
4th place in Academic Heptahlon, Latin Derivatives, AND Latin Vocabulary
5th place in Mottoes, Abbreviations, and Quotes
(And several others--leading to Charlie placing 10th OVERALL in Academic contests!)
He also placed high in 6 Swimming contests leading to his 5th place finish OVERALL in Olympika Contests

The students are coached by Herndon Latin Teachers, Emily Anne Lewis and Bethany Abelseth.

The following HHS students were selected by VDOE to participate in the very prestigious and competitive 2015 Governor School Programs!  These academic programs are held in June and July at universities around Virginia, and are offered as enrichment for Virginia’s most promising and talented students.  These students are among the top in the state, and are to be commended for this spectacular achievement.   The application process started back in November, and was a competitive and arduous one.  When you see these students, please congratulate them!

Allison Brown, Humanities
Sofia Caballero, Humanities
Lindsey Rogers, Humanities
Nathaniel Burn, Agriculture
Michelle Lovering, Agriculture
Olivia Strahan, French Foreign Language Academy
Sean Hagerup,German Foreign Language Academy, Alternate