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Hornets in the News

math award

“Success is... knowing your purpose in life, growing to reach your maximum potential, and sowing seeds that benefit others.”

John C. Maxwell


Step Team

The Herndon High Step Team had the honor and privilege of performing at the Strathmore this on Saturday, January 16th to celebrate and honor the work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.   This effort was partnered with “Step Afrika” and 6 other step teams from New York to Southern Virginia. 

Please congratulate our students on a job well done.  They performed with excellence, served the community at large and proudly represented Herndon at this prestigious event.  They were given a standing ovation and crowd support throughout the performance. 

For more information on Step Afrika, please visit their website.



Congratulations to the HHS Band students who earned chair or alternate positions in the All-District Band this year!  The All-District Band event will take place at HHS on February 4-6.  Students were selected for:

  • Wind Ensemble (and eligible for All-Virginia Band)
  • Symphonic Band
  • Alternates


The Debate Team

The Herndon Debate Team had its first tournament of the year on October 28th--and swept it!

The team of Divya Shrivastava and Will Carty won 1st place in Public Forum Debate and Will Curtis took 1st place in Lincoln-Douglas Debate.

This is all the possible debate in our league, and Herndon won it all. Go Hornets! If you have these students in class (or Joyce Lee, who came in 4th in Lincoln-Douglas and thus very narrowly missed a medal as well), please congratulate them!


Liz Grozis honored with Math Hero Award

This morning, Raytheon presented our Liz Grozis, math teacher, the Math Hero Award. As the award winner, she received a $2500 grant as well as a matching grant to Herndon. We initially announced this award at the beginning of the year faculty meeting. The Math Hero award recognizes Liz’s dedication to her students as well as the field of mathematics. Liz has been inspiring students and positively influencing young lives for years! The presentation was a complete surprise and occurred during her 2nd period class.

Pictured above Mrs. Grozis, Adminstration, and special guests with award.    


HHS Senior Receives Award of Excellence student award

The Medical Advisory Board of the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists awarded their Award of Excellence to Herndon High School senior, Myriffeah H., for outstanding academic performance, leadership potential, and dedication to serving humanity through the profession of medicine. Myriffeah attended the Congress of Future Medical Leaders in June 2015 in Boston, Massachusetts.  Myriffeah attended McNair Elementary, Herndon Middle, and is now a senior at Herndon High School taking multiple Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors Courses. Congratulations to Myriffeah!

The picture attached is Myriffeah and the Senior Class of 2016 Administrator, Maria Sneed.



This summer, Eight Herndon High School Latin students traveled to the National Junior Classical League Convention in San Antonio, Texas.  Kyle Nielsen, an HHS Junior, was instrumental in winning Virginia's first National Certamen Title in five years! The trophy will be coming to HHS at some point this year!  Here are some other highlights:

Dora Drezga (11th grade)--
5th place in the Roman History test
10th place in the Ancient Geography test
6th place in Intermediate Level Certamen

Christina Ngo (11th grade)--
5th place in Traditional Photo
5th place in Girls 800 meter track

Selina Shupp (10th grade)--
6th in Jewelry Creative Arts
8th in the Girls Costume Contest

Mary Ogborn (11th grade)--
24th in Latin Vocabulary and Latin Grammar

Kyle Nielsen (11th grade)--
9th place in the Roman History test
10th place in the Latin Derivatives test
4th place in Boys 800 meter track

We also had some freshly-minted HHS Alumni with us!  

Grace Bailey (HHS '15)--
1st place in Small Models Graphic Arts for her Lyre
8th place in the Ancient Geography test
8th place in the Mythology test

Angie Ngo (HHS '15)--
5th place in the Literature test
10th place in the Mottoes, Abbreviations and Quotes test

Charlie Shen (HHS '15)
1st place in Reading Comprehension Prose
2nd place in Advanced Latin Grammar
3rd place in Reading Comprehension Poetry
4th place in Academic Heptahlon, Latin Derivatives, AND Latin Vocabulary
5th place in Mottoes, Abbreviations, and Quotes
(And several others--leading to Charlie placing 10th OVERALL in Academic contests!)
He also placed high in 6 Swimming contests leading to his 5th place finish OVERALL in Olympika Contests

The students are coached by Herndon Latin Teachers, Emily Anne Lewis and Bethany Abelseth.