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About Herndon High School

Greetings From Principal William Bates

Herndon Hornet Community,Mr. Bates

March and April are very important months for the Herndon High School Community.  As we close out our winter activities, our spring activities will soon be getting underway. In just a couple of weeks our track, our baseball field and our softball and lacrosse fields will be buzzing with young Hornets who are preparing for the upcoming season. Although February was cold and nasty, it has left us with a number of student honors and recognitions. I am happy to announce that Herndon HS will be represented in the upcoming VA State wrestling, swim and dive and gymnastics tournaments and the Hornet Boys Basketball team will play in the conference championship game. Our Robotics team will also be competing in a Regional competition at GMU during March. I would like to send a special congratulation to Rebecca Wichman, Caitlyn Homet, Jordon Golomb, Sarah Overton and Zach Klein for being selected to the All Virginia Choir! These announcements are just a few of the achievements that our students reach on a daily basis.  

There are too many activities occurring during March and April to list but some of the highlighted school events will include our Honors and AP Elective Fair, StompFest, Most Improved Breakfast, the College Stinger series, ASVAB testing, and an important Social Media seminar for our parents.  

Our students, teachers and counselors have been working very hard and we are witnessing great results. Even though colleges and universities recently received student’s 7 semester grades, many of our seniors are already receiving acceptances from the colleges of their choice.  Just like in years past, many of our students plan to attend Harvard, Yale, Military Academy, UVA, Virginia Tech, William and Mary, James Madison,  Penn State, Georgetown, Cornell, and various other fine educational institutions.

Spring also brings the season of testing to FCPS schools. Over the next two months we will administer thousands of SOL and AP exams. Although we strive to promote creativity and student engagement in the classroom and not have teachers “teach to the test” one cannot help but feel some level of anxiety when it comes to the SOL’s and AP’s. As you are aware our students need to earn a minimum of 6 verified credits, including 1 in English and math in order to graduate with a standard diploma and score a 3 on their AP exam for most colleges to accept the course as a college credit. We are confident that our students will be prepared for these upcoming exams and will perform well on them.

On a final note, I would like to solicit every Herndon community member to continue providing their support and encouragement to the students and faculty at Herndon High School. A great deal needs to be accomplished between now and June and our students are bound to experience times of stress. If we work together we can overcome any hurdles and achieve much success.


William L. Bates, Principal & “Treasure Hunter”
Herndon High School