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About Herndon High School

Greetings From Principal William Bates

Hello Herndon Parents:Mr. Bates

The second semester is already upon us with many activities and events planned for the second half of the school year. I believe that together we will have a rewarding and enjoyable winter and spring. With your parental support, the efforts of our students and staff, and leadership that is caring and visionary, we will continue to be a school community that values high levels of citizenship and student achievement.
I will be working with Herndon Middle School over the next few weeks in order to meet our future Hornets. I look forward to having the opportunity of getting to know our future students!

Please continue talking to your children about the courses they are requesting for next year. I encourage families to take the necessary time to discuss your children’s short- and long-term goals and to make a direct correlation with how these goals are the bases for the HHS courses they request for next year. Because our master schedule and whom we hire as teachers is dependent on which courses our students choose, it is crucial that our students make appropriate choices now of which courses to take next year.

Let’s make sure our students stretch themselves in order to reach their fullest potential.  Experiencing challenging learning tasks is part of a successful student’s responsibilities. In the end, the feeling of accomplishment learners get will lead to bigger and better accomplishments in the future!


William L. Bates

All Hornets Are Capable Of Success, No Exceptions!