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About Herndon High School

Second Semester Message from Principal William Bates

Mr. Bates
Young Hornets:

The first semester is behind us and we are ready to begin the 3rd quarter on a positive note. I hope each of you had a successful first half of the 2015-1016 school year. There are many ways to measure success and both your teachers and your parents want you to be successful in life as well as in your academics. Successful people constantly reflect on their lives, whether that be reflecting on their job performance, their academic performance, or important aspects of their personal lives. This is why I encourage all students to reflect constantly on their goals and strategize on how to achieve those goals. One goal could be trying to raise a B to an A, trying to get onto a specific athletic team, or getting accepted to the college of your choice. I encourage you to reflect on your first semester academic performance and any other goals you have in order to succeed in school as well as in life!

The beginning of the second semester is the perfect time to reflect on how you did during the first half of the year. Was there something you wish you had accomplished? Did you get the grade you wanted in a specific class? Instead of beating yourself up about not reaching a specific goal, you should instead focus on what you can do differently this time around to ensure your success.

Here are some questions that will help you reflect:

  1. What talents have you discovered about yourself? Capitalize on these!
  2. What specific goals do you wish to accomplish that you didn’t get to accomplish first semester? What will you change in your behavior to achieve that goal?
  3. Name three things that you might have done to improve your academic performance last semester?
  4. Name two habits that you currently have that prevented you from reaching your goal(s).


Don’t forget, you don’t have to reflect alone. Talk to your parents, your friends, and your teachers about your goals. Continue to build good relationships with your teachers. Your teachers care about you and push you because they want you to be successful. Don’t be shy about asking for guidance.

Reflecting is a key component to the learning and growing process because it not only allows you to learn about what makes you successful, but also, it helps you put thought into action. Avoid things that may hinder your progress toward achieving your goal(s). Make a commitment to excellence and always reach for the stars!

Thank you Young Hornets and have a great second semester!

William L. Bates Jr. Principal
Herndon High School
All Hornets Are Capable Of Success, No Exceptions