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About Herndon High School

Greetings From Principal William Bates

Mr. Bates
Welcome back Hornets! Our faculty and staff are very excited to have you back for another stimulating school year. I hope you all had a restful and relaxing summer and you are now ready to continue your academic journey at Herndon High School.

This year we will continue with PBIS and Kids At Hope. In year three of Kids At Hope the HHS adults will help you to Mental Time Travel. We have a lot of fun and exciting activities planned for you through the Teacher Advisory period. Additionally, you will learn about the changes we made to our local grading policy which includes a 50% floor for failing grades. The Herndon staff believes that through these efforts we will be able to offer each of you even greater levels of support for your success.

Whether you’re a freshman or senior, I am counting on you to be an integral member of the school community. Part of being a community includes your participation in the various co- and extra-curricular activities we offer, while balancing your class work. I guarantee that you will find other students and teachers who share your passions. So keep your eyes and ears open to learn about exciting fine arts and athletic opportunities available to you!

Education is a partnership that cannot occur without the support of every staff member, every parent, and just as important, your commitment to excellence.

Part of your commitment includes studying daily, doing your work and attending school on time each day. Studies show that there is a direct positive correlation between good school attendance and high student achievement. Being at school each and every day, along with the concerted effort you will put forth in your classes, will help you become a superior student.

I am extremely proud of the progress we are making in so many areas here at Herndon High School. Our young Hornets continue to achieve at high levels and have consistently shown incredible growth in their classrooms, on the athletic fields and the performance stages. Clearly, when we work as a community and when we all understand our responsibilities, we will continue to soar even higher this year.

Thank you for being responsible and accountable for your own choices and actions, and thank you for maintaining the Hornet Pride we all exemplify.

I look forward to working with all of you as we continue to make Herndon High School an even better place to learn.

William L. Bates Jr. Principal
Herndon High School
All Hornets Are Capable Of Success, No Exceptions