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Welcome to Dogwood Elementary School!

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SIS Parent Account (includes “weCare@school”) and Blackboard “Parent View” Account Sign-up

The Blackboard “Parent View” Account will provide access to view all of your children’s available courses, Bus Stop Information, and access to your child’s Emergency Care Information via weCare@School

New this year is the SIS Parent Account, which will provide access to view your child’s student information, including attendance, report cards, class schedules, discipline, and health information. Parents were sent a mailer in August from FCPS with detailed directions on how to create the account using a unique activation code.  Parents only need to create one account. Once you have activated your SIS Parent account, you will be able to login at and see school information on all of your school-age children.

In addition, once you create the Parent SIS Account, you will have the same login to access Blackboard’s Parent View Account. Again, all of your students will be listed in your Parent Blackboard Account. To login to Blackboard, you will still need to use this address: 

All of our teachers will be using Blackboard’s “Parent View” as a tool to communicate with parents and your account will insure that you receive push emails from your teachers. 

For more information on any of these parent accounts, please visit the following website for full instructions: