Policies Under Consideration

Policies listed below are under consideration by the School Board and are posted for a two-week review period. After this review period, the policies will be scheduled for Board action. Once the Board approves these policies, they will be published on the FCPS web site. If you have any questions, or need further information contact Yvette Braganza at yrbraganza@fcps.edu.

Type and Number Title
P1370 Fund-Raising
P4115 Verification of Employment Eligibility
P4220 Personnel Files
P4430 Conflict of Interest - Employees
P4610 Salary Guides
P4650 Salary Supplements
P5011 Authority to Contract
P5030 Disposal of Surplus Books, Equipment, Instructional Materials, Furniture, and Supplies
P5920 Student Fees, Contributions, and Recoverable Costs



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For information about directives, contact yrbraganza@fcps.edu

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