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Fourth Grade

MyON Books is a digital library with thousands of non-fiction books that are tied directly to our curriculum. See your teacher for login information.

Diamante Poems prompts you to give phrases and words that will help you write a diamante poem, which can be printed when finished.

Fairfax County has a subscription to this collection of early readers through chapter books with audio narration. Your child's teacher can give you the username and password..

SOL Practice Items
Click the Practice Items for Grade 4 to learn about the tools you will use when you take the SOL tests.

Wixie can be used at home or school for Language Arts, Math, Science or Social Studies. You will need a username and password...ask your teacher if you are not sure.

DreamBox Learning

EnVisions Math Book

Create a Graph helps students create bar graphs, line graphs, pie graphs and more.

AAA Math provides practice in many fourth grade math skills.

Jefferson Lab has practice SOL tests.

Decimal and Whole Number Jeopardy
A game for 2 players to practice decimals and whole numbers.

Multiplication Practice is a track with online flashcards and games for practicing basic multiplication facts.

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
This site has virtual manipulatives for helping solve math problems.

Elapsed Time Print the recording sheet, then record the times on the problems given.

Elapsed Time Set the clock to show the correct amount of elapsed time.

Interactive Assessment
TEI practice questions

Hour of Code
Beginning tutorials and activities to teach computer programming.

Westfield Pyramid Math Resources

The Great Plant Escape has six mysteries for students to solve. They have to learn the plant facts first, then solve each case.

Amusement Park Physics
Learn about the physics of amusement park rides. Design your own roller coaster.

The Blobz Guide to Electric Circuits
Learn about circuits, practice what you know and take quizzes.

Check out the weather in your zip code-20120

Weather Wiz Kids

WeatherBug Achieve
Log in with your zipcode for current weather conditions, weather news, weather activities and more.

Cool Facts and Tips on Ecosystems

1607 Journey to Jamestown

On the Trail of Captain John Smith

Multimedia Biographies is a website with biographies about current and historical figures.

SOL Pass is a website with games and practice quizzes for fourth grade Social Studies.

Underground Railroad ~ Scholastic
Listen to stories about the Underground Railroad.

Timeline allows you to make descriptive timelines. Entries on the timeline automatically become links that allow you to easily move from one point on the timeline to another.

Our Virginia-Past and Present
This will take you to an electronic version of the Social Studies text used in the classroom. Your child's teacher can give you the username and password.

Interactive Sites for Education
This page has links to many activities for social studies, science, math and language arts.

NetSmartz Rules - Access this site to learn how to be safe on the internet. Parents can access this site to learn about the netsmartz program and how to keep their kids safe from internet dangers.