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Career Experience Program Overview


Chantilly Academy is committed to providing our students with a world-class academic and technical education that incorporates classroom learning and “real-world” work-based learning experiences.  A full-time Career Experience Specialist works closely with Academy faculty, local industry, business, government and centers of higher education to develop an annual program of high value experiential learning opportunities that foster career exploration and preparation.

Chantilly Academy is a great place to discover your career…


The Chantilly Academy Career Experience Internship Program offers high achieving seniors and highly-skilled juniors opportunities to advance classroom knowledge and gain “real-world” application experience in the workplace.  Internships may be paid or unpaid; one to three days per week.  Students are responsible for transportation to their internships site. 

Requirements:  In addition to a satisfactory attendance rate and maintaining a minimum 2.5 overall GPA; successful applicants maintain a minimum B average in their Academy courses.  Students should communicate their interest in making application to the Career Experience Internship Program with their Academy teacher and request a formal application from the Office of the Career Experience Specialist.

Recent Internship partners include: Rolls-Royce of North America, GTSI, Department of Information Technology, Fairfax County Public Schools; Department of Vehicle Services, Fairfax County Government; Fairfax County Police and Sheriff’s Department; area hospitals; informational technology corporations; small businesses; and private health care practices; professional associations; federal government agencies; and other private sector employers.

Career Shadow Program  

National Groundhog Job Shadow Day is presented each year in early February.  Area businesses and corporations host students at their workplaces.  Matched with a professional for the day, students gain valuable information on a specific career of interest, an average business workday and a potential future employer.

Academy Entrepreneurial Businesses  

The following Academy programs have developed entrepreneurial businesses that provide students opportunities to perform jobs and services for external clients and customers; Animal Science, Automotive Technology, Automotive Collision services, Construction Technology, Cosmetology, Culinary Arts, A+- Computer Systems Technology.


The Academy offers students a variety of skill-building workshops; topics include Career Planning, Resume Preparation, Interviewing, Teambuilding, and Leadership Training.

Classroom Speakers Series 

Each year, classroom learning and career exploration is enhanced by special guest presentations made by regional and national business leaders, science and technology professionals, specific career field experts, and current events speakers.

Field Trips and Tours 

Organized by teachers and the Career Experience Specialist, field trips and tours provide off-site and “hands-on” learning experiences.  In recent years, Academy students have made visits during the school-day to area colleges and universities, proprietary schools, county, state, and federal government agencies, small businesses, local industry, medical/healthcare, dental, and veterinary practices, law enforcement agencies, and hospitality industry.

Special Events 

Chantilly Academy students have opportunities to participate in a number of county-wide career events.  The Northern Virginia Technology Council presents an Annual Groundhog Job Shadow Day.  This event provides an effective introduction to information technology and business careers through on-site visits to Northern Virginia technology firms.  Other annual events include: Summer Employment and Internship Fair; 21st Century Careers in Medicine & Health Sciences”; “21st Century Careers in Commercial Construction”; National Engineers Week Celebration; Reality Store; Academy Awards Ceremonies; and local, state and national conference participation.

To learn more about the Career Experience Program at Chantilly Academy, please contact:

Bonnie Wannett
Career Experience Specialist
(703) 222-7464
Bonnie Wannett



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