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Bailey's is a magnet school for the arts and sciences with Spanish immersion. Small-group instruction helps create a personalized learning environment.
Students benefit from opportunities to explore new forms of expression.
Hands-on science strengthens students' powers of observation. Arts integration promotes deeper understanding of curricular content.



  • Flyer Distribution from the Community: We send home community flyers three times a year.  To participate, organizations must provide us with paper copies as well as an e-mailed digital copy.  The following wording must appear at the bottom of the flyer:  "These materials are neither sponsored nor endorsed by the Fairfax County School Board, the superintendent or this school."  Deadline: Sept. 22 for Sept. 25 distribution; Jan. 19 for Jan. 22 distribution; Apr. 20 for Apr. 23 distribution. Please contact Nydia Blake for more information.

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