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New Logo_smallGet Ready for the USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo, Oct 23 & 24, a free event!

Imagine your students chatting with Albert Einstein, building an underwater robot, managing cargo in the space shuttle or watching a science magician! These are just a few of the over 1,500 interactive exhibits and  75 stage shows planned for the first USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo,   October 23-24, 2010, 10am-5:30pm, on the National Mall and surrounding areas. Bring your students and give your future and current scientists the experience of a lifetime! It's all free!

In addition to all the fun, this will be a unique opportunity for your students and their parents to learn about scholarships, mentorships, internships, future job opportunities  and after school programs. If there is one school field trip you take this year it should be to the USA Science & Engineering Festival .

Check out our Teacher Resources page.
View and download the Expo map.
Read the Expo FAQ.
Learn about Expo tracks for your students!

Find out about Expo tracks we have created for your students, including Nano Nano, Biologist in Training, Energize Me, What Does it Mean to be Green, Be a Robotics Engineer, Evolution Thought Trail and much more. Each track consists of 10-15 exhibits - student can collect stamps for completed exhibits on their Expo map! We look forward to seeing you at the Expo!

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